Korea Strengthens Bangladesh e-Mobility Cooperation

HL Property of South Korea’s HL GROUP and Green Bangla of Bangladesh signed an MOA for the production of Korean electric motorbikes and bicycles, and declared full-fledged.

In the future, the two companies decided to join forces to help Bangladesh become a key country in e-Mobility by expanding sales to neighboring countries such as India and Nepal, starting with Bangladesh. Accordingly, in Bangladesh, the two companies agreed to establish a joint venture, “HLGB LTD.”

As a result, HLGB will establish its first plant to make full inroads into the Bangladesh market in the future, along with the establishment of the “HLGB e-Mobility R&D Center,” which will make the area an “HLGB e-Mobility Integrated Complex” in the future, contributing greatly to the development of the community.

HLGB will launch full-scale marketing based on OFFICE in 64 already established Bangladesh cities for full-scale sales of electric motorcycles and bicycles, which are scheduled to be produced in earnest.

Park Chun-sung, co-chairman of HLGB, said, “HLGB will grow beyond simply producing electric motorcycles and electric bicycles to become the world’s leading e-Mobility company in the future, combining the world’s top Korean e-Mobility technology with Bangladesh’s human resources and e-Mobility markets to make it a key company in Southwest Asia as well as Bangladesh.”

HLGB co-chairman ArifHossen said, “We are confident and expect to become the world’s best e-Mobility company through the establishment of the joint venture, which was created by the combination of Korea’s technological prowess and Bangladesh’s resources. We are confident that we will grow into Bangladesh’s top e-Mobility company in name and reality by mobilizing 64 offices already in operation and more than 30,000 of our own marketing human resources.” Through this joint venture, we hope that Korea and Bangladesh will become closer countries.